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2015 Jiangshan Science and Technology Meet Beidaihe



        July 16, 2015 to 18, Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. held an annual large-scale tourism activities. The theme of this activity: Mu sea wind health line passion rebel this summer-2015 Jiangshan technology similar Beidaihe. There are more than 130 employees in this tour. Travel destination for China summer resort Beidaihe.

          Among the blue and green embrace, Shandong Jiangshan company employees enjoy their feelings. At the same time, the Company organized such collective activities as "Tug of War", "Unite as a One", "Gaming Cup" and "Tear Nameplate". Two men and women teams, a total of eight championship awards. Competition, each team has played a great teamwork spirit, the game out of unity, race out of honor, and enhance the Jiangshan family team cohesion.

      On the evening of July 17, a joyful campfire was held on the beautiful shore of the Bohai Sea. Everyone singing and dancing, relaxed and happy.

      This tour not only allows employees to devote themselves to nature, relax the mood, gave us a chance to know each other and get acquainted with each other. Travel back, so that employees added a more intimacy, identity and sense of belonging.




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