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Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences study the science and technology of Jiangshan


On 29th,Jan.2018, just after returning to earth winter baptism, particularly fresh air, even in winter, but the factory filled with vitality, like spring. Today is a special day. Jiangshan company will welcome an important guest. Although the Jiangshan people are excited, the work is still proceeding as usual.

Nine o'clock in the morning, the bus pulled into the door, parked in front of the building, China Institute of chemistry expert Liu Ruigang, District Committee, vice mayor Wang Jin, vice mayor Zhang Guoliang, director of science and Technology Bureau Wei Feng, Economic Cooperation Bureau Jiang Hongbo, chairman of Mr. Li Xinhe in Shandong Jiangshan fiber Technology Co., under the guidance of start inspect the company.

Chairman Li Xinhe led the leading experts first visited the Jiangshan company carbon raw materials warehouse, explain to the carbon fiber material is a very important raw materials of the company, although the price is expensive, but all the year round to maintain inventory, in order to meet the needs of customers, which accounted for a large part of the funds used. See the warehouse tidy boxes of carbon filament, Jiangshan company strength to get the expert on leadership recognition.

Then, visit the carbon plate workshop, workshop, workshop, composite resin workshop, weaving workshop, the detailed explanation of each workshop product, a product which has a leading position in the industry, which products have a larger market share, leading experts praise in the small workshop can produce such many different kinds of products.


When I came to the experimental center, I was amazed at the fact that there were so many advanced testing equipments in the small laboratory that not only the incoming inspection of the raw materials, the factory inspection of the products, but also the continuous development of their R & D power. The chairman mentioned that the establishment of the company brand should not only rely on high quality products, but also have excellent technical research and development to provide more support to the customers.

Complete inspection of Jiangshan company, leading experts came to the branch - Shandong guotan composite material science and Technology Co Ltd, visit National Carbon Co production workshop, chairman Mr. Li Xinhe introduced the current situation and future planning of the company, hope that through their own efforts, can promote the development of carbon fiber industry.



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